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The worlds largest wooden bear

It took two years to build the bear from 2003 to 2005. It was built to be a landmark for Sveg and Härjedalen by the Sveg Cooperation. Its shell consists of 60 cm long self-supporting wooden pieces; the inside contains three separate floors, for a total surface of 70 square meters.  

It was built to the height of 9 meters on site. Sections were then built that were lifted in place by a mobile crane. Electricity is in place and it is ready made for connecting water and sanitation mains. The bear is 13 meters high and weighs 80 000 kilos. 210 cubic meters of timber and 570 000 nails, weighing 4000 kilos, was used.  

It cost 2.2 million Swedish kronors to build the bear. Besides public funds and endowments a large portion of the money was donated by businesses and private people in Sveg. (A plaque of donators is placed on the right hind leg of the bear.)  

Nonprofit organizations have spent hours on the bear. The rural district of Härjedalen has donated the land and the preparation there of.

Bear facts: Brown bear - Ursus Arctos   

The bear, one of our most legendary and talked about wild animals, is the designated animal of Härjedalen. Together with wolverine, lynx and wolf it is considered one of the four large predators in Sweden. A bear can reach the height of 1.5 meters at the shoulders and weigh as much as 300 kilos.  

Bears feed foremost on berries but also on ants, grass, herbs and it is a scavenger. It will however also kill moose, reindeer and domestic animals. During the fall it will mostly eat blueberries. The sugar in the berries is converted into fat needed during hibernation. Bears will not eat or drink anything during hibernation.

The worlds largest wooden bearPDF (pdf, 540.9 kB)

The worlds largest wooden bear

Height: 13 meters
Width: 5,6 meters
Length: 12,6 meters
Number of nails: 570.000
Weight: 80 00 kilos
Amount of timber used: 200 cubic meters
Amount of paint used: 100 liters
Internal floor surface: 70 square meters
Building time: 2003-2005


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