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The Inland Railway

One of the most talked about railways in Sweden is the Inland Railway. Many stories, myths, hope and dreams are associated with this railway line. In Härjedalen, it passes through Sveg, Ytterhogdal and Överhogdal.  

Tourist traffic on the Inland Railway.

Its original route is from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north. 1300km/808 miles of railway. Tourists have been travelling the railroad during the summer months since 1993. You can buy packaged tours or there is a 14-day pass with optional days of travel. One-way passes are also available.
For more information about schedules, prices, etc., look at their web site:
www.inlandsbanan.se external link, opens in new window
www.grandnordic.se external link, opens in new window

The inland railway


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