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How to get here

Distances to Sveg from the following cities Kilometers/miles  
Oslo400 km/249 miles  
Malmö815 km/506 miles  
Göteborg590 km/367 miles  
Stockholm435 km/270 miles  
Sundsvall210 km/130 miles  
Östersund185 km/115 miles  
Distances between villages in the district: Kilometers/miles  
Sveg-Hede70 km/43,5 miles  
Hede-Vemdalen25 km/16 miles  
Sveg-Lillhärdal30 km/19 miles  
Sveg-Lofsdalen70 km/43,5 miles  
Sveg-Vemhån-Vemdalen60 km/38 miles  
Sveg-Ytterhogdal45 km/28 miles  
Hede-Funäsdalen65 km/40 miles  
Ytterhogdal-Rätan-Vemdalen80 km/50 miles  

The most common mode of transportation to get to Härjedalen is to go by car. The fastest route from Stockholm is via Uppsala - Gävle - Bollnäs - Ljusdal. It will approx. take 8 hours to drive to the western part of Härjedalen, 6 hours to Vemdalen. If you drive from Gothenburg or other places in southern Sweden, take main road E45. Drive north through the province of Dalarna.

You can take the bus “Härjedalingen" from Stockholm. It travels through Uppsala - Gävle - Bollnäs - Ljusdal, terminating at Funäsdalen (reserved seats only). Visit their web site Härjedalingen external link to get more information. You can also call +46 (0) 680 605 80 or +46 (0) 684410 79 for more information.

You can take the train to any of the following places; Ljusdal, Mora or Östersund for further transportation by bus. Visit the web site of SJ external link for more information. Or dial +46 (0) 771 75 75 75.

There are flights to and from Stockholm/Sveg several times a day during weekdays. Flight time is approx. 1 hr. and 15 min. The distance from Sveg to Björnrike is approx. 60 km/38 miles and it is approx. 145 km/90 miles to Funäsdalen. Car rentals and transfer by taxi are available in Sveg. You will find more information on the web site for Svegs flygplatsopens in new window, To get to the Western part of Härjedalen you can also fly to Røros in Norway, and take a flyaway taxi to Tänndalen and Funäsdalen.For more information call the tourist office in Funäsdalen + 46 (0) 684 155 80.



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