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Culture and leisure

The Mankell cultural center is a place to enjoy literature and story telling.  

Henning Mankell an internationally renowned author and his books have been translated into 35 languages. He has written over 40 books and around 20 plays, and been awarded a number of distinctions. It is also internationally known that he was born in Sveg and that is why the Mankell Cultural Center is being built here.

A cultural center with exhibitions, a creative interactive room, and other arrangements around literature and story telling. A research room with all of Henning Mankell´s literature and original scripts will be included in the center. Besides the cultural center, there are also planned to be guided tours, and other arrangements based on the years of him growing up in Sveg.  

The Henning Mankell Cultural Center is being built in conjunction with the Tourist office. Designers and illustrators are in the midst of forming the creative interactive room and literature walks. Promotions and cultural events are planned to make this center attractive for visitors and will it will be of importance for the cultural life in Härjedalen


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av Henry Jonasson