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About Härjedalen

Härjedalen is one of the Swedens least populated areas. Large areas of untouched nature, modern facilities and genuine environments is the base for unforgettable experiences.

Härjedalen is more than 12,000 square kilometers with only 11,000 inhibitants. You'll find mountains, farm land and vast forests with only few or no people. There is plenty of room for everyone...

Miles of forests, small creeks, fishing waters, light summer nights and unlimited possibilities for exciting adventures. Easy-to-climb mountains, even for the beginner, makes it easy for the whole family to share the experience.

In Härjedalen there are a number of biking trails. Lots of mountains, but well worth it. From the bike you have every opportunity to see eagles, reindeers, moose, beavers, and all the other wild animals that are so common in the area.

Härjedalen is the ideal area for canoeing and hiking. You can get more information from the local tourist offices or from the different companies that offer equipment for sale or rent.


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