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Chinese biofuel investment in Härjedalen

HärjedalenMunicipality, along with Härjedalens Miljöbränsle AB (HMAB) and the Chinese companies National Bio Energy Co Ltd and Dragon Power Co Ltd, have today(2006-09-07) signed a shareholders´ agreement for the founding of a joint company within the area of bioenergy.

The aim of the joint company, NBE Sweden AB, is to create an integrated biofuel plant in Härjedalen.

Initially the company will carry out a basic technical enquiry and then plan projecting, construction and finally start operations.

The integrated biofuel plant, i.e. an interconnected production process for bio raw materials, will be based on existing industry and include the construction of an ethanol plant in Sveg.

The planned integrated plant will produce pellets, briquettes, ethanol, electricity and district heating, based on raw timber products, by-products from the timber industry and peat from Härjedalen. Operations will also include cultivation in greenhouses.

“This unique cooperation is the first step towards an extremely interesting development within the biofuel sector. The municipality has great hopes that the founding of the joint company will eventually result in a complete plant and many new jobs," says Lennart Olsson, municipal commissioner in Härjedalen.

“The State Grid of China believes that it is very important to work for the development of sustainable energy. The company prioritises developing international cooperation around sources of renewable energy," says Cao Zhián, State Grid´s deputy MD.

“This is another exciting and important Chinese investment and it shows that Chinese companies have a great interest in Sweden in many different areas," says Kai Hammerich, director-general of the Invest in Sweden Agency. 

Common interest in developing a sustainable environment

Sweden is a world leader in research and development based on bioenergy´s environmental and operating cycle. The aim is that fuel shall be produced in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner. From the perspective of resources and the environment it is efficient to produce electricity, heat and fuel, as well as other products such as cold and pellets, in interconnected production processes, an integrated plant.

China´s rapid industrial development has resulted in a drastically increased need for energy at the same time as there is a growing need to reduce emissions. In the same way as in many other countries, Chinese energy companies are more and more focusing on renewable fuel. This joint investment aims to provide bothSwedenand China the opportunity to development new technology and new forms of energy. 

For more information, please contact:

Bengt-Eric Lundborg, Head of Trade and Industry, Härjedalen Municipality, +46 (0)70 372 3975 

For background information about Chinese investments in Sweden, please contact:
Annika Rembe, Information Manager, Invest in Sweden Agency, +46 (0)70 642 7816
Lennart Witzell, Project Manager wood processing, Invest in Sweden Agency, +46 (0)70 760 6702 

National Bio Energy Co Ltd is a subsidiary of State Grid of China, one of the world´s biggest energy companies. National Bio Energy Co Ltd operates within the the development and use of biomass resources. www.sgcc.com.cnexternal link

Dragon Power Co Ltd produces combined power and heating plant equipment and develops energy technology based on renewable raw materials.

Härjedalens Miljöbränsle AB manufactures dry fuel in the form of pellets and briquettes, based on renewable energy raw materials from Härjedalen. HMAB has a production capacity of around 300,000 tonnes per year.

The Invest in Sweden Agency, ISA, is an authority below the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tasked with actively participating in foreign companies making various forms of investments in Sweden through information and contacts. ISA´s regional partner in Härjedalen is the Midscand Business Network www.midscand.com external link, opens in new window


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